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Dial-Up Networking Setup for Windows 2000

Create a New Dial-Up Networking Connection using Windows 2000

  • Click Start, click Settings, then choose Control Panel


  • Double-Click the Network and Dial-up Connections icon


  • Double-Click the Make New Connection icon. (This will then start the Network Connection Wizard)


  • Click the Next button


  • Select Dial-up to the Internet
  • Click the Next button


  • Select the manual set-up option as seen below.
  • Click the Next button


  • Make sure that I connect through a phone line and a modem is selected as seen below.
  • Click the Next button


  • Enter in the telephone number (leave area code blank and just enter telephone number)
  • Click the Next button


  • In the User name field, enter in your UserID .  
  • In the Password field, enter in the password that you selected
  • Click the Next button


  • For the Connection name, type in AOS, or another name you would like to identify this connection as.
  • Click the Next button


  • The Connection Wizard will then ask you if you would like to set up your Internet Mail Account.  You may set it up if you like, or set it up later. 
  • Select No
  • Click the Next button


  • Click the Finish button


  • In the Network and Dial-up connections window, to create a shortcut on your desktop, right click on the AOS icon and click Create Shortcut
  • In the Network and Dial-up connections window, double click the AOS icon.
  • You are now ready to connect to the internet


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